Smart Casual that Moves You

Today is just another normal workday of me as an Occupational Therapist and I decided to dress up a little bit because sweatpants and neutral t-shirts don’t make me motivated much to go out of the house and do my best at work.

I decided for a polka dotted black button-up so I can pair it up with my tight Carolina blue cotton pants. It’s a combination of smarty, classy and comfy which we always have to aim for- especially if your work entails you to always move throughout the day without sacrificing your aesthetic values.

Since I am working with kids, I use a functional smart watch with rounded corners. To put a tinge of color to my overall look, I wore a red agate crystal bracelet. It also helps to balance my energy fields throughout the day.

Recently, I’ve been using my LV Monogram Abbesses Messenger bag which basically shouts stylish and functional.

Author: juliandee