Wooden Gift Box: A Case of Leather Goodies by Box and Craft Manila

This is the second product that I bought from the store, aside from the envelope bag. I’m actually surprised with the product’s packaging because it was picture perfect already, so if you are thinking of buying gifts for people you love, but haven’t got the time to wrap gifts creatively then this one is for you. All you have to do is hit buy and then gift.


The leather goodies come inside a beautifully curated wooden box with colorful bows as its main accent. The possible color combinations of the ribbon is (1) white and gold, (2) white and blue, and (3) red and gold. Since I am always so extra, I opted for the most colorful ones.


The wooden gift box that I bought included a passport holder, a key holder and 2 cord organizers. The wooden gift box comes with a personalized leather stamp of your chosen name. All of these leather goods are yours for the affordable price of Php 600.00 only.

For my leather kit, I chose army green but there are also other stylish shades that you can choose from. See the picture below.

the shades are navy blue, red, army green, pastel pink, purple and pastel blue

Other combinations for the gift boxes are the following:

1. Checkbook holder, wallet with card holder and key holder.
2. Wristlet wallet, cord holders and a wallet with card holder.

Please do note that prices may vary depending on your product combination. You can also check out their Lazada Store to see various gift boxes.

There’s a lot of product combinations that you can choose from; you can coordinate with Box & Craft Manila to find the box that suits your taste, style and budget. You can send them a direct message via their instagram profile.

Product Usage by Me

You can use the cord holders to organize your cord or your fashion accessories. HAHA. Just make sure that you put it on a place easily seen to avoid misplacing it, because it doesn’t have that usual slit that the cord goes through- a good point of improvement for the shop, if possible.

The leather stamping is neat and evenly spaced which exemplifies the attention to detail that they put to each product.

The keyholder also has a latch that you can attach to knobs inside your bags so it’s easier for you to look for it. Another use that the keyholder serves is as a bag tag– but I suggest that if you are to use it that way, use the lighter shades so it accents your bag, your look and your style.

About Box & Craft Manila

Overall, their products are perfect for personal use, corporate or special event giveaways. You can message the shop for their catalogue to see the full range of their products and the corresponding prices. They give discounts for bulk purchases and they can also create custom-made curated gift boxes based on your style and budget.

Until you read from me again.

– Julian Dee.

Author: juliandee