Time Revolution: A New Perspective to Managing your Time

I have been staying home inside our home for the past few days because of the community lockdown due to the NCoV (2020), and it has given me a lot of time to think things through- where I currently am and where I want to go, and a ton of free time to do things that I love most like spending time with my family, gardening, reading books and writing.

My newly-found treasure is the 80/20 principle by Richard Koch. Basically the book’s main point is that in every aspect of our lives, 80% of the results are from the 20% of effort, time and other resources that we put in. One of the other points talked about is our concept of time- that it is non-linear but rather cyclical, similar with all of the ‘life cycles’ that we have; say, the 4 seasons, the bloom and death of flowers and ultimately the cycle of our first and last breath.

Gardening slows down time and enhances quality of life.

Humans, and that includes me, have this tendency to look at time (hours, days, years, decade) in a linear fashion; where I was born in point A, I went to school in point B, I work in point C and I might die in point E. I believe that this linear perspective of everything screws our life in general. What’s happening with most of us is that once we fail at some point, and by now I guess you’ve figured out that it can happen an infinite number of times, we tend to see ‘time’ or our ‘life’ as a continuing downward spiral from this failure point onwards.

Everyone knows that we are given only one life to live but it doesn’t mean that we only have one chance at life to make it right. That’s why New Year’s Resolutions are a blast because it gives us an illusion that we have a ‘blank slate’, that we can be whoever we want to be and that we can do whatever we want to make our lives better for this coming year. If this is the case, then why wait for a whole year to make your life better.

This is me. Julian Dee.

Until you read from me again. Also, please stay inside your homes and stay safe from the coronavirus.

Author: juliandee