Should You Use Black Peel-off Masks?

Peel-off masks are like the ultimate skincare product that you use to battle skin imperfections as it can instantly lift dead flaky skin, even out your skin tone, minimize pores, and lift impurities. However, it was only last week that I decided that it’s high time to read more about it, despite using black peel-off masks for years. If it is really good, then why is not everyone using it? I discovered that there’s more to it aside from just removing your dead skin cells.

Black Peel-off Mask Fast Facts

Black peel-off masks are mostly made of skin purifying charcoal, the reason for the black color of the mask. It also promises to lift any blackheads and unclog blocked pores. Many bloggers and skincare gurus are raving about how it worked well for their skin too, with some even posting videos about their painful and simultaneously satisfying experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aside from the benefits stated on the product packaging, peel off masks also remove any vellus hair as well as some of the natural oils sitting on top of the skin to make it healthier.

 It’s also good to point out that most of the ‘blackheads’ that you see on the face strip after removing the mask are microfilaments which help to keep your skin intact, preventing those pesky bacteria and other unwanted particles from clogging your pores.

 All in all, the skin looks soft and smooth after using the mask, because you’ve effectively removed the surface layer of the skin. Sadly, you’ve just removed both the good and the bad.

Proper Usage

Before I use it once a week, but after all of my learnings I decided that I will be using it to just once a month because it takes at least 30 days to replace the stripped off oils and sebaceous filaments. By using it occasionally, I am still giving my skin time to heal.


Personally, I use this brand because of all the peel-off masks that I’ve tried, this one is the lesser evil as compared to the other black peel-off beasts. Get your Lanbena Black Peel-off mask here

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Author: juliandee