Serum Fast Facts

We’ve been taught that the basic skincare steps include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing our face. Now, if you want to take that routine a notch higher, then I suggest you start to learn more about serums and try to include it in your daily routine.

What is a serum?

Serums? Ah, what!? Serums. Yup, I am talking about those expensive skincare products that deliver high concentrations of active ingredients so your skin gets the full benefits! It is truly effective for addressing specific skin concerns such as acne marks, wrinkles, and even large pores. It just depends on the active ingredients that your serum has.

Why do serums work?

The principle behind the potent power of serums is because of its molecular structure. Your skin gets to ‘absorb’ the product much more effectively because of its ‘small particles’ as compared to the other products. In light of this, you have to use it after cleansing your face, and before moisturizing your skin, so it doesn’t get blocked by the thicker products.

How do I use it?

There are a lot of brands that market their product as a ‘serum’; however, one thing to remember is that serums go “after cleansing and before moisturizing”. Now, there are water or oil-based serums and basically the ‘base’ dictates on where you should put it into your routine.

Use water-based products before your moisturizer or creams because the molecules are very small so it penetrates deeper into your skin. This is different for oil-based products because you should use it on top of your cream or moisturizer because it has bigger molecules. Oil-based serums create a ‘protective layer’ to keep the moisturizer and every product underneath it longer on your skin.

How do I make my serum last?

After purchasing you have to use it immediately (after skin patch testing of course) because it loses its potency over time. Best storage practices include keeping it away from sunlight and keeping it in a cool and dry place.

Are serums good for your skin?

Yes, definitely! Especially if you have specific skin concerns! However, do take note that it contains ‘active ingredients’ which can potentially irritate your skin. I suggest doing your research first before you delve into the world of serums.

Got product recommendations?

Currently I am using a Vitamin C serum from Neutriherbs. Read my personal review here! And get your product by clicking here!

Other products that are worth checking out for their outstanding reviews are listed below:

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a light product that is absorbed easily by the skin. it claims that “the filtered snail mucin replenishes and revitalizes nutrients with looking healthy skin.”

Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Serum makes your skin smoother, brighter, and clearer. With daily use, your dark spots will be gone and your skin looks visibly brighter and clearer.

Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (35 ml) is good for tightening big pores, making your skin tone even and removing budding pimples and old acne marks.

I hope you learned a lot about serums. I can’t wait for you to include it in your routine!

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee