In the beginning, I was kind of forced by my family to visit this country but in the end I am glad that I went with them. So here are the following reasons to love the land-down-under-the-equator in pictures! These photos are taken using only my iPhone, no filters or edits were also used so the pictures are super raw.

Nature is at its finest. Whether you go around the city, their suburbs or their rural coastal areas, there’s always something that will help you reconnect with nature like parks, lakes, and beaches

The places can vary from one to another, so for this one the winds were raging and the cold temperature kind of gets into your bones.
I can just remove all of my clothes and bask in the sun in this sunny day in the meadow.
The landscapes are really perfect for photo opportunities!
sunsets near the coast are always the best.
The contrast between the light and the setting sun makes this picture interesting.
Since technology is seldomly used during the trip, we are more focused on bonding and relationships.
Long drives are not boring because of this kind of view!

As good as their natural landscape is their architecture.

Hopefully I can come back soon and probably live here. In lieu with this, let us help preserve our environment because it needs our help. Let’s do our part no matter how small.

Author: juliandee