Reasons to Keep a Notebook

How many times have you made mental notes only to forget them later? How many times have you told yourself to change this or do something about that, only to get frustrated for not being able to do so? I’ve made that mistake, one too many times and I found a way to alleviate your suffering for that.

For this year, I embarked on a different kind of journaling or note-taking, a journey that’s one step ahead and customized for my needs and wants, because for this year I created my own journal. Being frugal and practical, it saved me a handful of money instead of buying commercialized general planners. Aside from my planner, I have this small notebook that I can always put in my pocket so I can just get it out when a random thought pops out.

I use my planner to write down and gauge how I am faring in terms of reaching my goals. My small notebook was used to capture fleeting moments of random notes, thoughts and even feelings.

At the first page of my planner are my yearly goals– which includes different aspects from relationships with God, family and friends, finance, physical and mental health, career goals and a blank space for a new and random goal- to learn a new skill, perhaps? I basically wrote it down, design-free, because it’s more manageable that way in the long run. 

For each month, I created a monthly review page to put hallmark activities that made me reach my goals for that month, so that I will know what to focus on the following month.

I’ve once read from an excerpt from an anonymous person in an article that ‘journaling is the greatest source of conceptual development for it promotes attention, long term memory by giving us the opportunity to reflect on the events in our life and how it affects us. The only rule here is to write consistently.”

See how important a notebook is? Grab one now. Not that I’m selling.

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee