Your Skin Absorbs Tons of Chemicals with the Products You Use

“The current norms of beauty are outdated and puts an intense pressure on people”

The pressure that the society puts on looking good and being presentable is at an all-time high. Skincare and beauty products have been part of a billion-dollar industry and is expected to grow more in the coming years. However, have we even stopped to consider or think about what these products contain regardless of their perceived benefits? Glowing skin? Hurrah! Plumper lips? The better. Poreless skin? What kind of sane person would even want to show their pores? So you lather up on your primer, foundation, concealer, blush and when all of it is removed and you then layer up various toners, moisturizers, serum, and various concoction of products that in the medieval era, you would have been labelled as a ‘witch’ for mixing various products and creating out-of-this world effects.

We know that familiarity breeds complacency. Looking at the ingredients of these holy grails, staple ingredients such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, cocamide MEA and i-really-can’t-read-lest-understand-ingredients might seem normal because they seem to familiar when in fact we have no idea of how much damage these products can lead to our skin and most importantly, our health. Better for your health to suffer than be seen as imperfect, right?

People who are devoted and consistent with their skincare regimen (speaking to those using the 10-steps! Wtf. Get a life) can absorb up to 5 pounds of chemicals in a year based from the latest research.

Biochemist Richard Bence warned that the chemicals we see in everyday products could wreak havoc that we can’t perceive just yet.

Reasons to Choose Organic Beauty Products

Mr. Bence created a website of organic beauty products because he believes that absorbing these chemicals is more dangerous than swallowing them. When you ingest- I hope as an accident, a small bit of your lipstick because it got stuck in your teeth and you didn’t notice, then the enzymes in the saliva and in the stomach breaks down the chemicals which makes it less potent. When the skin absorbs the chemicals, it absorbs it in full force and that is much dangerous because we can’t see the effects immediately.

We have to be more cautious and aware with what goes on in our body, especially those products that we ‘leave on’ the skin because in time, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Clio Turton, the spokeswoman of Soil Association said that we should try to remove the number of products that we use each day, especially unnecessary products.

If you are staying indoors for a day, then maybe a sunscreen will suffice. Do you really need to cover up your whole face with beauty products just for yourself to see? Think again.

The Remedy for Chemical Intoxication

What we can do now is to opt for natural or organic products to lessen these harmful chemicals, create beauty-product-detox- days and make your skin glow from the inside by eating healthy organic foods and drinking water.  

Everybody wants to look presentable especially if you are working in an industry where your face is your brand and you want to say to the world that you are capable. But, give yourself a break. We’re only humans and we’re only here for so long. A little bit of crow’s feet and smile lines won’t bite and hurt you.

Author: juliandee