Product Review: Garnier Lightening Eye Roll-On

Personal Experience with the Product
Back when I was in college, I used the Garnier Lightening Eye Roll on to lighten my under eye area especially after those long nights when I crammed my school work and tried to study for my exams. Thank life that that phase is all in my past; however, I’ve had my fair share of experiences that took the life out of my skin.

Personal Effects of the Product 
I know that this product works to lighten the under-eye area because there was this instance when I was trying to pinpoint the exact cause when I noticed my under-eye area was lighter, at least two tones lighter than the rest of my face. Trust me, that stark difference is more than enough to question your routine or if you are doing something wrong. Eventually I realized that maybe this product had its effects more than what I wanted so I just used it once daily.

This product shows the Garnier Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Eye Roll-On Packaging
Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Multi-Action Brightening Eye Roll-On

Effects of Holiday Stress on Skin 
Fast forward to the present- the stressful holiday season, the sleepless nights and the unhealthy diet full of sweets and processed foods made my skin break out. Since my skin gets marks easily, I have now a face full of the memories-of-sleepless-nights. I am looking for that spot correcting product to tone down my skin or at least lighten up the acne marks immediately- I tried using pure lemon ‘toner’ for my face but it stings and applying acid directly in your face doesn’t sound so good.

Product Facts and Usage 
Garnier Light Complete Multi-action Brightening Eye Roll-On is used for anti-bags and anti-dark circles. This massaging roll-on combines both the effects of caffeine and increased circulation (from the massage) to reduce bags and dark circles and to brighten the eye contour. I really love its consistency as it is very light and it has no fragrance as well.

Its proven efficacy is based on the self-evaluation of 29 and 50 women for 8 and 4 weeks respectively.

I am currently using this product to combat both my eye bags and dark eye circles PLUS as a spot corrector or massaging tool to lighten up my acne marks.

Author: juliandee