Pond’s Rosy White Day Cream: Review? Fail!

Pond’s Day Cream Introduction

 Who doesn’t want to have pink and rosy skin? I know I do! This is basically what this product is all about, having a whiter complexion without having to look like a lifeless mannequin. Well, I’ve had my own share of experiences with this brand, and most of them are no good. Experience that occurred years before, so now I am actually quite hoping that things did change for the better. Similar with the other expectations that we have in life, this one is no good either.

Personal Experiences with the Product

            After trying this product for a week, I started to notice whiteheads appear on my cheekbones (where I’m most prone to having breakouts). Since I really don’t just give up on someone in my life that easily; rather, something, I tried it again for a week but it just got worse. I have to give up on this one not because I wanted to, but because I had to. It just doesn’t do me any good. I’ve tried, really, but this isn’t just working. You caused me pimples then and now, but never will I ever forgive myself if you’ll still cause me pain in the future. My future. Pond’s, I guess it just ends here, right now. Just like with anything shitty in my life, I must say that it’s not me, never will it be me, it’s you.

Author: juliandee