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Novel CoronaVirus Reflections

Let’s take a recap for what happened during the last week and what is currently happening in the Philippines as of March 22, 2020, because in the future I’d like to remember that I’ve become a part of history when it is written in medical books and humanity’s history.

In the Philippines it started with 1 to 2 confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus of the (nCoV) with a steady rise in cases after each day, with most of the people affected from Metro Manila. Metro Manila is the ‘commercial capital’ of the Philippines, thus, it’s imperative that it’s population is dense as compared to the suburbs and rural areas. At the same time, businesses and various institutions and industries here are at the forefront of their fields.

On a personal level, and I think that I have similar experiences with other people who aren’t “frontliners”, we have to follow strict community orders for us to isolate ourselves with our families indefinitely, until the virus has been contained and extinguished totally. This ‘containment’ gave me an opportunity to see and feel what it’s like when I reach the retirement period.

I am the type of person who tries to create a routine out everything, because it makes me do things or tasks automatically; meaning, I don’t have to spend much time and mental effort in nudging myself to do things, because everything is automatic. However, this forced quarantine broke all of my routines, so I was a bit disorganized during the first few days. I sleep late, binge watch series, eat a lot, skip my workouts and journaling sessions, wake up late the next day and hit repeat all over again. This kind of pattern of activities that doesn’t nourish my mind, body and soul left me hopeless and confused for days.

 Everything has been chaotic and disorganized and I can just say that this is what’s happening for the world right now. It may also seem hopeless to the point that I ask myself, is there actually something that we can do and not just sit here as all of this happen?

During the past few days and week that passed, I recognize now the value and importance of routine, work and how it affects our well-being and the meaning through which we experience life. Being solitary from time to time is good because it makes you sit down with yourself, re-assess your values, your standing in life, where you want life to lead you and where you want to go. However, living a life in solitude creates a vacuum or a vortex that sucks the meaning of life.  

As adults, work activities such as paid employment and volunteerism gives meaning to life because we are giving a part of our self to others, by imparting with them precious resources such as our time and energy. I am very lucky because I work in the healthcare service industry as an Occupational Therapist, so I am able to help other people bring back meaning into their lives.

Maybe right now, we have to find meaning by ourselves and our families inside the confines of our own homes, and despite that, find ways on how we can help others virtually. In difficult times like this, rely not on your own understanding but on God’s wisdom and love. When death seems rampant and near, the ones you hold on to are not your possessions but the people who fill your life with love and meaning.

I am praying for everyone’s safety. We will all get through this together, because after all, we are one family.

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee