Nature Republic’s Royal Jelly Mask Sheet Review

IMG_20180401_230427 (2)

We’ve heard of the old adage that one shall not judge a book by its cover, but times are changing, and in the world of beauty, being superficial is always the best option.

So I bought this product because of its packaging. It was really nice! the picture was very detailed and the feel of the packaging in your hands? Crisp and alluring.  So even before I opened this product, I already had high expectations of it

The product wasn’t that runny to feel like what you are putting in your face is like water, that’s a plus for me. The mask was totally easy for me to open, spread apart and apply on my face (without me ripping it), another plus! After removing the mask, the formula was light enough so my pores have no hard feelings about it, unlike when I use sunblock on my face!

The overall result was that I’ve had ultra-fine pores the next day and my skin is glowing AF. I’d recommend it to a friend, and hoard lots of it for myself.

Until you read from me again.

*disclaimer: the products that I use for my review are bought such that my opinions and reviews are as objective as possible.
Author: juliandee