Multiple Meals Diet

The past week was strenuous and stressful for me because I had a lot of tasks that I had to juggle- my ‘work’, work outs, and content creation for my Instagram, pages and websites. In short, there were a lot of effort, thinking and energy involved.

I had to stop my intermittent fasting because currently it’s not working for me anymore. I’ve lost around 5 pounds from it, I’m able to control myself more, but the benefits for me stopped there, I reached a plateau.

The ‘side effects for me’ was that I am lethargic before lunch time so I really wasn’t doing anything productive, and I was a bit cranky so I am easily irritated by small things. So considering the pros and the cons, it was doing me no good so I have to let it go.

The multiple-meals diet for me is much more functional because it enables me to have small quick meals throughout the day, on the premise that I am still active, working and thinking a lot- tasks that utilize a lot of energy.

The main point of the diet is that eat small, and proceed with your daily tasks to burn it, and then eat another small meal to sustain it, and so on.

What happened when I fasted was that I would binge-eat especially when my ‘feeding time’ is about to end, so instead of having a calorie deficit to support my ‘weight loss program’, I was bingeing and going overboard, so I’m actually having a calorie surplus.

When you consume a lot of calories in a short amount of time, and if you weren’t able to use it, it will just be stored as fat. And guess what? Fat is like one of the last sources of energy that your body uses, so in short it’s very difficult for you to burn fat, unless you are minimizing the ‘fat storage’ process in the first place.

If you are living an active and thinking lifestyle, I could suggest that you do the same. Especially for days when you aren’t able to work out. With this diet, instead of eating a lot in one sitting, try to spread your meals throughout the day, this will help you to manage and control your weight more which will eventually make you feel lighter, brighter and healthier.

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee