Mt. Ayngat Hiking Experience

The challenge of Mt. Ayngat at Tanay, Rizal, Philippines (for beginners) is good for my level as it’s my first time to hike. I think it’s just apt that I make a post out of it- for me to reminisce the whole hiking experience.

We arrived there at dusk and the environment is just dark and hazy from all the fog. The early morning is really cold and the occasional gusts of wind is more than enough to elicit a spine-tingling sensation. I just wish I brought a jacket with me. We started our hike at around 5:30 am and as we went up through the mountain, the ascent continued for at least 2-3 hours. I can’t recall the exact time because during the whole experience, time became irrelevant and just a concept.

I felt a bit lightheaded halfway through but I just shrugged it off, and it’s good that the whole trip went well and eventually I felt like I became a ‘pro’- testing the ‘rocks’ before fully stepping in, holding at bamboo branches, protecting my face from the long grass, skidding from muddy slopes and tiptoeing on large rocks and basically enjoying the whole experience. It was like walking through a forest with the challenge that each step takes you higher. Literally.

The descent wasn’t any easier as compared to the hike because when you go down, b*tch you go down hard! Nobody prepared me for this. I made it, thanks to some of my friends who held my shirt as I fell to keep me up on my feet. Super baby. Don’t hike with me.

Here are some shots of the whole experience but despite these glorious pictures it’s still not enough to capture my experience.

Words will not be enough to express how good life is- each one of us just have to feel and live it in our own terms.

Author: juliandee