Mental Health Activities

meditation for mental health

For the past weeks, I’ve been doing ‘physical’ methods of taking care of myself and my mental health such as eating healthy foods, sticking with my workout and skincare routines. But this week, I started to do some extra mental measures such as meditating, reading spiritual books or devotionals, spending more time with my family and friends (virtually) and even praying. The results were enormous.

As I sat there, trying to focus on my breath, there was a sudden burst of irate thoughts that want to be free, that want to move, and want to be someone or somewhere else. I contemplated whether it was possible at all to silence this voice in my head. As I pondered more and tried harder to focus on my breathing patterns, the more this voice grew louder. The more I tried to halt and extinguish it, the more it became restless, irritable and explosive. There was a point in my head when I started shouting loudly, that then turned to weeping and much softer fitful sobs. After that chaos, I gently told the voice that it’s over now. You can rest. That voice, I reckon being wholly mine.

One will never be able to silence and extinguish the voice within, for if you listen really closely, you’ll discover that it actually gives out voices of ages-past wisdom and knowledge that surpassed countless generations. You already have everything you need inside you. The outer world is just as perfect, even if at times chaotic.

Don’t stop the voice within. Listen to it and make it your friend.

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