Loreal Revitalift Eye Cream

My nighttime skincare routine is perfect in terms of moisturizing my skin to make to make it glowing and supple the day after. However, I recently crossed paths with an article that without active ingredients in your ammo, that’s the only thing you’ll ever have. Moisturized skin. Nothing less and most probably nothing more.

Having an oily face, I tried to avoid putting products on my face (even the good old sunscreen) especially during the mornings because I’d look like I buttered my face when the clock strikes 12.  So now, I think the sun and time is taking its toll on me. Recently, I’ve noticed that my crow’s feet, forehead and nose frowning burrows are becoming deep as ever and even though they look subtle (especially at night) when my face it moisturized, it never seems to fade away. So I had to include another product in my regimen.

Loreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 is an eye cream that aims to (1) correct wrinkles, (2) unpuff your sad and puffy eyes and (3) retighten your sagging skin through the use of its active ingredients pro-xylane and adenosine. Basically the company itself compares the effects of this product with dermatological procedures to transform the area around your eyes. So it’s kind of having a derma skin laser at the comforts of your own home.

I’ve tried using this product for over two weeks, day and night. I think that is just enough to see its effects in the long run. After using it, I’ve had no adverse reactions such as breakouts or rashes around the eyes to the upper part of my cheek. The crow’s feet? Not that evident anymore! HAHA even the deep lines on the upper part of my cheek is not visible anymore.

Will definitely purchase this again and will use it as maintenance for the area around my eyes.

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee