Latest Men Style and Fashion Trends Fall/ Spring 2019-2020

When I watch runway shows, I think the best part about it- aside from the models and the clothes is the confidence with how the models carry themselves. I wonder if it’s just them or the clothes walking. Anyway, these are the latest trends that caught my attention and can be incorporated from one’s daily wear. Some of these pieces are directly from the runway and some are from the new collections of brands.


We are seeing lots of bold, striking and powerful colors. It may be difficult to wear this whole outfit when you’re off to work, but maybe we can pull this off with a little tweak.
For this outfit, I just topped my dark blue polo shirt, which serves as my work uniform, with a bold red Ralph Lauren Jacket which makes the whole outfit pop out.
I see lots of nudes and sadly it’s not what you think it is. The textures here are great and the flow of the outfits accentuate its overall fluidity.
For this series, it’s all about layers and prints! Sadly, with the warm climate that we have in the Philippines we have to remove the layers- leaving us only with prints.
I got this button-down shirt from Bali and it’s one of the best pieces that I’ve ever bought.


What I really love about Mango Man’s Recent Collection is that they all seem wearable for a night out or even for work- if you’d dare to look stylish and cool. For this collection we’re seeing a lot of functional tops like short-sleeved button downs, jeans and even sweaters! So much love.

You will not catch me wearing this to work. Even if it’s comfy despite the cold weather in Australia, movement is not much possible with this outfit.
For this outfit, I just opted for something minimalist and simple yet classy and bold.


Prints are a big hit for Prada! If you want to get in this season’s trend you just have to use bold colors and prints that will make you stand out from the crowd.


At uniqlo, it’s all about crisp lines, function and wearable style.
Even with the latest trends, classics never goes out of style!

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