Culture 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Remembering Names

Reason to Remember Other’s Names

It’s 20120 and we are living in a world with 7 billion humans. We’ve heard of the old saying that everyone is unique, but what really separates us from the others is not our fingerprints but our names. Each day our names are called hundreds of times for reasons such as to get our attention or for others to initiate in saying something. Almost everyone, if not all, has had their own share of being called names- names too abhorrent to hear and versions that are distorted of the real one. Have you ever had such experience? Did it make you feel good?

A name is a symbolic identity of a person. If you cannot respect the name of others, then it says much about your character rather than the person you are calling. If you can’t respect something basic such a name, then I doubt you can pay respect to things that are more important. Gear up, kiddo. In today’s generation, relationships are far more important than anything else, and the key to a good relationship is giving the other person value. Here are some tips if you are quite unsure on what to call others.

Strategies to Remember Other People’s Name

One. Always remember the names of the people who introduce themselves to you.

Two. If you are unsure about pronunciation, you can ask them again or for names that are really hard to identify, you can even ask them to be spelled. One low-key approach to getting names correctly is by asking common friends.

Three. If the person’s name is as long as Maria Galicia Santita Graciela Scott and you are unsure of what the other person wants to be called, you can ask them directly. “So, what is it you want to be called?” Asking will do you more good than harm and save you from humiliation. Never distort the names of other people, especially if you’ve just met them.

Four. If you yourself, have a difficult and tedious name, then you can introduce yourself by saying “Hi I am Periventricularleukomalacia, you can call me Peri.”

Five. When introducing your name, make sure it is audible and clear so that others won’t make mistakes regarding yours, pair up your introduction with a hell-of-a-good eye contact and a firm shake of hands and you are good to go into the real world.

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee