Crazy Habits that Destroy Your Skin and What You Can Do About It

Washing Your Face Too Much

When you have oily skin it may seem like washing your face is good because the shine or the oil on your face is stripped away. However, this is actually a bad habit to keep in the long run, because your face will think that it’s not producing enough oil causing your face to be oilier.

Solution: Instead of washing your face multiple times to remove the oil, use blotting papers. A little note on the side, instead of rubbing the oil film on your whole face, just blot or tap in on the oily areas, because the friction heats up your skin, which makes it produce more oil.

Using Harsh Face Products

It’s the 21st century and there’s a lot of scientific breakthrough that have happened- from people touring the outer space, out-of-this-world mobile technology, to robots cleaning the house and cars manuevering the road for you! There are also breakthroughs in the products that improve your skin quality. Using bar soaps, heavily scented and alcohol-based facial products are barbaric and counts back centuries ago, not to say that it’s bad for your skin because it contains lots of harsh chemicals that can dry and damage your skin.

Solution: Look for products that are specifically made for oily skin, it’s a plus if it’s made from organic products!  Second, use facial wash, foams or cleansers in lieu of bar soaps because it’s specifically formulated for the skin on your face. It also helps if you can find products that are clay-based because it absorbs the oil naturally without causing much damage.

Not Enough Hydration

Not drinking enough water and drinking too much alcohol makes you more dehydrated which eventually shows up on your skin. When your skin is dehydrated, your bodily functions work with subpar standards, and it shows up on your flaky, dull and tired skin.

Solution: This is somewhat obvious! Drink your water throughout the day, or if you don’t want then eat your water in fruits such as watermelons, lychees, and even oranges. Remember, the juicier the better!

Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

Overexfoliation? Disappointing.

You want your skin to appear as glowing, supple and healthy as possible and not torn down to the core. The oil on your face actually acts as a protective film from the environment, it just gets nasty when bacteria gets trapped inside your pores. When your skin is stripped bare, it removes this protective layer, and your skin produces more oil to compensate for it.

Solution:  Dermatologists suggest exfoliating at least twice a week using natural and gentle exfoliants. Lots of study and beauty gurus swear by chemical exfoliators compared to physical ones.

Not Hitting the Sack Optimally

Just like with not hydrating yourself enough, having a few hours of sleep causes your physiologic functions to go haywire- making your face prone to damage from the environment, speeding up the aging process which will then make it produce more oil.

These are the common mistakes that we do that damage our skin. Which ones are you guilty of and did I miss something? Comment down below!

Until you read from me again.

Author: juliandee