Clinique 3-Step Skincare: Starter Pack

Today I had my hands on a Clinique skincare set for combination and oily skin type and it just costs about Php 950.00 at Lazada.

The starter set is inclusive of a 1 liquid facial soap (oily skin formula), 1 clarifying lotion or toner, and 1 dramatically different moisturizing gel.

The Clinique Starter Set packaging and contents

The whole 3-step skincare process takes more or less 5 minutes as a part of your morning and nighttime ritual, so it’s very easy to stick with it. Basically you just have to (1) clean gently using the liquid soap, (2) purify to freshen using the toner, and (3) restore the glow by using the moisturizer.

The packaging is really good as it comes inside a white Clinique box, aside from the starter kit’s own small packaging. So you can be rest assured that the products inside are in safe hands and authentic.

The products smell light but it still has that hint of a chemical smell, just like Cetaphil or Dove Beauty Bar Soap. Regardless, it’s really good that they skipped on the fragrance, because it just adds more chemicals that can go inside your body.

STEP 1: Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

Thorough cleansing developed by Clinique’s dermatologists for the needs of skin for people with oily cheeks or T-Zone. This product leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Non-drying. Use twice daily.

When I use it, I felt that the liquid soap is just really light so a pea-sized amount is more than enough to clean your whole face- but don’t expect much because it doesn’t foam that much. However, after using it, my skin was squeaky clean. The oils and dirt are stripped out without leaving my skin a tight feeling, which is a sign of overcleansing or dryness.

STEP 2: Clarifying Lotion (twice a day exfoliator)

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Gentle, effect next-generation formula for twice a day exfoliation, the difference-maker for great skin. It deflakes the skin’s surface to reveal smooth and clearer skin. This product optimizes cell turn-over. Just sweep lightly using a cotton ball over just-cleaned face twice daily. The tingling tells you it’s working.

Personally, I really love the texture because it’s just watery; however, upon using it, there’s a bit of a tingle- a feeling akin to putting alcohol on your skin, but with a milder effect. At the same time, I really love how it thoroughly filtered or cleansed my face as well, because despite cleaning my face with the facewash, dirt was still removed as seen from the cotton I used.

STEP 3: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

Use after cleansing and clarifying. Apply to areas of the face where needed.

What I really love about this is it settles on my face immediately and it leaves me with a moisturized feeling- not too icky and not too heavy, so if you have other serums or heavier face products then you can layer it on this one.

Clinique Oily Skin Starter Set Conclusion

I am really glad that their products come in smaller sample sizes so I can test it out for my skin. I woke up the next day and so far, I haven’t had any breakouts or stingy areas on any part of my face. It’s the first day and I am already starting to notice that Clinique glow. Let’s see what will happen in the coming days.

Until you read from me again,
Julian Dee.

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