Cebu and Bohol City Travel Experience

Just when I thought that life couldn’t get any better because of my visit to Australia, we visited a local spot in the country- Philippines, and it was just as good, if not better than my previous trip.

Cebu and Bohol Trip Overview

For this short trip, we spent two days in the locality of Oslob to watch the whale sharks, two days traversing the ins and outs of Cebu Capital District and another day for Bohol and off back to Manila.

Cebu and Bohol Travel Facts

Cebu City of the Philippines is one of the provinces in the Philippines that is most developed- having its own name of Metro Cebu. Friends who previously went here described the place as not having much or it just similar to Metro Manila but there are a lot of things to love about this place. From the fresh air, pristine ocean waters (even if it’s sitting at the balcony of the SM Cebu Branch) and its local hospitality. What I really loved about the place is that despite it being a full-blown commercial district, its connection to nature is visible and most often just a ride away. Activities that you want to do can be easily seen and booked from TripAdvisor.

Bohol is just a ferry-ride away from Cebu and is becoming one of the hit travel destinations in Asia and the Philippines. The island has a variety of activities and adventure awaiting to be discovered- from its white beaches, ancient houses and churches, scenic landscapes and its natural ecotourism featuring wildlife such as the smallest primate- the Philippine Tarsier. If you want to know more about Bohol’s tourism then check out their website.

The expenses for this trip is more or less almost similar to what could cost you when you go to nearby Asian countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam or Indonesia but supporting tourism at your own country is by far the best.

The pictures that I have is still not enough to catch the wonder and awe I felt for this trip, but it’s a place worth revisiting again and again.

Cebu-Bohol Snapshots

Check out my pictures below.

Our first stop was Oslob, Cebu and we went here to watch whale sharks though sadly it was a trip that I left undocumented. But here are some snaps of the places and other things that you can go visit.

Oslob Cebu City
Oslob Cebu City Hiking
There are a lot of hiking trails in Oslob, Cebu and we got the one closest to the site for whale watching just to save time.
Oslob Cebu City Hiking
Scenic stops along the hiking trail
One of the local churches in Oslob. Most of the churches in Cebu and Bohol look the same- old but grandiose
Sumilon Island
This picture was shot at Sirao Garden, Cebu City. The place was so scenic with overlooking views of trees. However, we went here at around lunch time- 12nn so we weren’t able to enjoy the place as much, because the sun was scorching hot as we scrambled to find shade to cool ourselves.
At Temple of Leah
Bamboo Forest
We had lunch at this boat! Loboc Floating Restaurant Cruise. The food was just good but the whole dining experience is at its finest.
Baclayon Church
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