Beauty Products for the Holidays for Clear and Supple Skin

Stressproof Product Line-up for the Holiday

When products, especially beauty products are advertised they usually go in ‘specific product lines’ that aim to alleviate your suffering skin- this can range from whitening, to targeting your dry or oily skin, your wrinkles and other skin dilemmas.

The whole product line usually consists of products that spans from your facial wash, to your toner, moisturizer, ampoule, face mask, eye cream and others that you know and it may seem like I’m rambling but b*tch these beauty companies are selling you an actual army to target your face and your problems!

However, as much as we want to, our problems actually exist in a multitude of presentations. I mean they’re not just dull skin, or dry skin, or face laden with acne marks. Most of the time, these problems occur in combinations and perfect combos! I know it’s sad that’s why we have to manage it or tone it down.

Currently for this Holiday, I just want to be happy and these are the products that help me be, by helping me look my best every day. So this product includes those that I use to cleanse my face, tone, moisturize and deal with specific problem areas like acne marks.

For my face wash I use the Whipp Soap by Namu Life. It is very gentle and leaves your skin poreless, glowing and dewy- yes! Like those in korean series or music videos.

I tone my skin still with the Witch Hazel Toner I got from Healthy Options at a cheap price (lesser than Php500.00).

From Left to Right: Nature Republic’s Honey Ampoule, The Ordinary’s Niacinamide, Olay’s Moisturizing Lotion, Snail White Moisturizer, Loreal’s Anti-Frizz Serum

I use The Ordinary’s Niacinamide with Zinc Serum to refine my pores and control oil production.

To moisturize my skin I use the Snail White Moisturizing Cream as well for both day and night because it has SPF 50 and it leaves my skin glowing as well (just like with the bar soap).

Depending on my mood or if I’m just staying indoors I use Olay’s Moisturizing Lotion every morning because it’s light and it smells so good so it preps me up for the day. If I want to be extra at night and want to have ultra-glowing skin the next day, I use Nature Republic’s Honey Ampoule.

For my hair since it tends to dry out and be frizzy, I just use Loreal’s Anti-Freeze Serum so even if I am alone and just inside my room, I still get to have a good hair day.

Until you read from me again! What’s your weapon to fight your skin problems? Comment down below!

Author: juliandee