axis y daily purifying treatment toner

Axis-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner Product Review

🧐 Claims: gently exfoliates deep, pore-clogging debris, calms the skin’s oil production, and soothes and supports the skin’s natural healing ability.

👉🏽 This product is packaged in a sturdy plastic bottle (200 ml- big!), has a light liquid-like consistency and has a light tea-tree scent. Use a cotton ball for a deeper clean. This one is for oily or acne-prone skin.

This is one of the most gentle exfoliating toners that I’ve tried. Huh? Exfoliation and gentle, can these words be used in a phrase? This toner contains 0.5% of salicylic acid as its core ingredient and 6 other natural ingredients like centella asiatica, tea tree and more. 🥰

✨ So yes, “gentle exfoliation” is possible with this product. 💯 I exfoliate my face twice each day- in the morning to slough off the dead cells and the leftover products that accumulated from my last night’s slumber and I use it in the evening to remove any impurities from the day’s grind which could block my pores and cause breakouts.

✨ #whatJulianDsays:

Personal tagline: ”Gentle exfoliation, twice a day. Everyday.”

🥰After using it, you can see your skin have an instant ‘hydration’ boost- look at my 2 hands in the vid, one looks healthy and alive and the other? Well, rough and worn-out, words you don’t want to describe your skin. This product also helps the skin to absorb the subsequent products you’ll apply! Total win.

🌟 Unlike other exfoliating toners, this one doesn’t sting. 😉 I still have pimples now and then, but I’ve noticed that they come and go faster and they are not as inflamed and painful as before, which makes it a whole lot easier to treat. 

📉 For the cons, I was supposed to rate it’s effectivity as 2 because I saw blackheads again on my nose and the para-nasal area. But then I was just using the ‘tap’ strategy when I applied it. The effects became better when I used a cotton to rub on my skin 😂

💵This one retails at Php 1,400.00 but then again considering its size, effectiveness and how immediate the effects are this is another total skinvestment.

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Author: juliandee