Axis-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule Product Review

Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

🧐 This ampoule from @axisyofficial, housed in a glass bottle with an angled-edge dropper, has a slightly thick consistency that makes it easy to apply and spread evenly on the face. It dries up immediately and leaves no sticky feeling on the face. It is unscented and is really hydrating and healing for the skin.


🤓 Personal tagline for this: “supercharge your face with skin-healing nutrients.”

At first, I only use this product at night, but when I noticed how moisturized my face feels like after using it I decided to include it in my AM routine.

🥰 My morning routine usually includes cleansing, toning and sunscreen, because the more I end up using more products, the more breakouts I have. Using this one has been a breeze, because I was able to use the ampoule to help repair my skin both during the day and night.

🌟Points to love about it:

🥰It doesn’t feel sticky at all after application, even if I use it in the morning and the sun is shining high and bright. Plus, it leaves my skin moisturised for hours even after I remove the product. On my product detox days, I feel confident walking around even with my bare skin. 😎 Since it also has skin-calming ingredients, I also use it to ‘spot correct’ some of my active pimples and by a day or two you will notice less redness and size. The acne marks that are left are also much lighter compared to the ones I had a month ago before using this product (and the whole Advanced Formula 611 line).

The dropper is so easy to control and use, I use 3-pea-sized amounts of it to cover my whole face and a little bit of the neck. 👌🏽

For the cons: I am out of words for the points that I don’t like about this product because so far I have none. I mean, I never knew that I needed an ampoule, but then here it is, making huge ‘gains’ for my skin. 💯

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You can get the product here while supplies last! 🙂 SUISUIPH AXIS Y Artichoke Ampoule

Until you read from me again!

Author: juliandee